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Curriculum thoughtfully developed and designed to easily
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As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention…  While the 2020-21 school year has necessitated a pivot away from EDCAITC’s signature in-person, hands-on learning opportunities for teachers and classes, it opened up the opportunity to expand our educational reach by creating engaging, standards-based science curriculum focused on the local industry and landscape.

Take your students on a journey through the life of a water droplet and the role of watersheds, apples - from seed to engineering juice, the work of bees, trees and soil, to the tools and engineering that are used to manage and protect the land and bring everyone food and water.  All the while, they’ll be building a better understanding of the environment around them and learning to apply science standards to things they experience in their community.

We’ve worked with local experts to create lessons focused on 6 topics. Within topics, each unit lesson is targeted to specific elementary or middle school grade levels  and maps to grade level science standards.  Each unit lesson includes:

  • A detailed lesson plan
  • Materials needed for activities
  • Supplementary teaching materials such as videos and posters

All available online!

Covering the Basics

Each topic contains unit lessons that are targeted to specific grade levels and map to specific science curriculum standards.  Each lesson maps to grade level Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Environmental Principles and Concepts (EPCs).  Unit lessons range in instructional time, from 55-200 minutes and are organized in the 5E instructional model - Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate.  Each lesson plan divides the content into the 5E sections, includes links to supporting materials for the lessons and lays out how the material supports the educational standards.  Starting in the 2021-22 school year, many of the lessons can be supplemented with a kit of materials to enhance the experience that will be available for teachers to check out.  For a quick tour of the design and set up, please check out the three short videos, below this box, that walk through the navigation, structure and components of units and lessons:

  • Unit and lesson folder overview and navigation (video 1)
  • Lesson plan (5E Hyperdoc) overview and navigation (video 2)
  • Common lesson components (video 3)

Kits to accompany specific lessons will also be available
to check out starting in the 2021-22 school year.




Dive into one of the 4 basic survival needs of humans, animals and plants - water!  This unit covers the importance of water for survival, explores forms and patterns of water, watersheds, the water cycle.  This topic also delves into the impact humans have on the environment and actions we can take to monitor and minimize negative impacts and protect this important resource. 


Cider, pie, donuts... but there’s more to this story.  This unit explores the biodiversity found in apple farms and human connections to the natural resources and environment, as well as the origins of our county’s apple industry and varieties found here.  Students learn to synthesize information from various sources and choose the best equipment to grow and produce apple products - they are the apple juice engineers!


Punch above your weight!  From understanding simple machines and their power to help us do more to applying harnessing hydro power and thermal energy.  All of these are found right here from small gardens to farms to large dams.  Explore how engineering helps create and scale human efforts and how you can better harness the power of resources through machines and a bit of engineering!


We all know that bees are vital for pollination and we’d rather avoid their sting, but have you ever wanted to dig a little deeper?  How do they talk?  What really happens in pollination?  How does a flower that appears so fragile survive the elements?  Why are beehives constructed with cells that shape?  There’s so much to explore and apply in looking a little closer at the life of bees!


Trees. What better subject to use to hone our observation skills?  Many trees are similar, but no two are exactly alike. In this topic, something so familiar and ubiquitous takes center stage and gets a closer look. Use all the senses and keen observation to compare and contrast, ask questions, understand external impact of seasons and hone their scientific inquiry skills. 


Let’s get our hands dirty!  Soil is one of the building blocks of the earth’s landscape.  Explore how weathering and erosion cause landscapes to change over time.  Dig into the job of decomposers, with a shout out to the worms out there and all they do for our landscape.  Mix up some dirt by working with the main components and observing how they interact with water that passes by and through.

What educators are saying ...


"Ag in the Classroom can provide students and teachers with materials that allow the outdoors to become their own laboratory."

Gigi Marchini

EDCOE: Director of Curriculum, Instruction, & Accountability


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We’re offering an annual subscription for individual teachers and for larger groups, such as grade level teachers and schoolwide.  Each subscription comes with an individual sign-in and access to all the teaching material for each lesson for a school year.

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What’s included

  • Detailed lesson plans within the six topics
  • Lessons targeted to specific elementary or middle school grade levels
  • Unit lessons mapped to grade level science standards
  • Supplementary teaching materials such as videos and posters
  • Materials needed for activities


Curriculum thoughtfully developed and designed to be easily
integrated into the classroom environment.

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